We are Cheney Media
It seems like an accident that we found each other.
But as with most great things, it wasn't an accident.  It was providence. 

This is us by the way.  Danielle, James, and our little girl, Juliet.

We love telling our story.
And we share a love for telling your story, too.

Why We're Different

We hope you’ll see from watching our videos,
that no one’s story is the same.

We spend a lot of time getting to know
our brides and grooms,
both before and during the wedding.

And we spend even more time tailoring your video
to tell your unique story.

In your video,

you will hear each other describe the day
and what you love about each other.

You’ll see and hear close family and friends
enjoy the day and celebrate their love for you.

All these once in a lifetime moments will be captured

on film and handcrafted with music into a
cinematic story for you and your family
to enjoy for years to come.